10th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer (CDO) & Information Quality Symposium

Colonel (ret.) Bobby Saxon, SitScape Chief Innovation Officer, attended the Chief Data Officer (CDO) & Information Quality Symposium July 12-14, 2016. The leading symposium for CDOs was held on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus in Boston. Bobby also attended last year’s event when he was a speaker on data analytics and information quality.

“This Chief Data Officer premier event brings together some of the world’s greatest thinkers on data and information quality. Every session was packed with thought provoking discussion and innovative solutions for data quality, analytics, and data sharing” said Bobby.

The MIT Chief Data Officer & Information Quality (MITCDOIQ) symposium brought together over 300 data leaders from industry and government. Over 80 speakers, including renowned authors Tom Davenport and Sandy Pentland, spoke on topics ranging from the National Open Data Initiative, Analytics, and Data Governance, to the relationship between the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the CDO.

According to Bobby, “Dr. Richard Wang, the program director, does a fantastic job of bringing together great speakers with a desire and willingness to share insights and speak frankly. This symposium stays true to the MIT mission of advancing knowledge and educating students.”

Next year’s event, the 11th Annual MITCDOIQ Symposium, will be held July 2017.  Bobby will serve as a Co-Chair for the event.  More information is available at www.mitcdoiq.org.

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