SitScape team is proud to announce our latest software release of version of is available today!

We have received a lot of valuable input from our large Fortune 100 enterprise customers as well as our Government customers over the last year. Our product development team continued to refine our product roadmap, and have worked hard over the last four+ months and have delivered this release with those customers’ feedback in mind.

For example, the visual drag-and-drop Straight-Through-Processing (STP) module to easily automate data processing and analytical and operational workflows was very well received by our customers. We have spent a lot of time to further enhance and refine it; have added a number of new Nodes into the STP module and refined a few existing Nodes. Some examples are:

  • Decision Node: Supports Logical Branching based on True and False results in math or string expressions and conditions
  • Looping Node: Loops through by counter or can do iterations across multiple rows of input for a sub-flow STP
  • Alert Node: Sends alert messages to SitScape front end UI to integrate between STP and UDOP UI
  • Pub/Sub Node: Publishs messages to the Correlation Fabric, or subscribes to the published data from the Fabric such as from a front end Page
  • Merge Node: Combines two data sets together (similar to append)
  • Fusion Node: Fuses and joins multiple data sources together
  • String Builder  Creates a dynamic string of SQL, REST URL, Message etc.
  • Property Builder: Dynamically creates a name-value list data structure
  • Scheduler Node: Allows a user to create and customize a schedule to drive various STP process flows
  • Report Generator: Trigger mechanism for PDF report generation from SitScape from STP flow.
  • ETL Node: Now supports more advanced data split, tokenization, extraction, math calculations, string manipulation, transformation, Regular Expression and Case classification
  • Filtering Node: Supports various filtering over data sets
  • Sort Node: Sorts selected columns or fields of data sets

A few other highlights of features from this latest release are:

  • Enhanced server-side monitoring
  • Enhanced KPI comparison for advanced math calculation for comparing different time-frames
  • Enhanced 1-click Dashboard functionality
  • Enhanced the Form object’s usability and functionality
  • Support alert-based PDF Report generation
  • Support mode flexible logic for triggering alerts
  • Support Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) MDX multi-dimensional Data-Mart
  • Enhanced Tile-Layout for UDOP pages, and added a new Navigation-Button object type, which support visual display of a visual button with optional text, image and hyperlink to other Page, Bundle or external URL
  • Support SMS alerts
  • Support perspective visual effects on charts


Below are two quick sample UDOP pages in Tile Layout with some Navigation Button sub-areas to link multiple UDOP Bundles and Pages together easily for drill-down or easy navigation for non-technical users:

TilePage2  TilePage1