SitScape is a highly successful enterprise software company with a rich history of helping a long list of Fortune 500 and Government customers solve complex digital transformation challenges, delivery business values with amazing speed, power, and flexibility, yet demands less technical knowledge and efforts, with our patented no-code Digital Enterprise Enablement Platform (DEEP).

It brings rapid business value and visible outcomes to complex digital modernization iniatives.

The on-demand, visual, agile, contextual, interactive, intelligent, no-code and at-a-glance nature of the DEEP software enables business, analysts, operators and mission users to automate the business process, optimize digital operations, visualize and analyze data at the speed of thought, act quickly, share and collaborate with each other effectively, leading to significant better shared situational awareness, productivity increase, risk reduction, cost savings and improved data-driven collaborative decision making.

SitScape’s Web-based software is designed with business users in mind. It is very easy to use, secure and delivers visible business value in minutes, it requires zero programming and no change to existing IT infrastructure. It is 100% Web-based, mobile-friendly and cloud ready as well.

With a broad commercial customers including a list of Fortune 500 enterprises, Government agencies and global innovation awards, SitScape has attracted broad interest. Here is an example of one analyst report:

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