User Defined Operating Picture (UDOP) Interoperability for 2016 by Eric Kant

The well-known blogger and digital operations industry expert Eric Kant recent posted an blog on this LinkedIn account titled “User Defined Operating Picture (UDOP) Interoperability for 2016”. He used a SitScape Screen on the top of his blog post as an example of UDOP.

Eric said specifically in his recent LinkedIn blog:

Interoperability is the availability of relevant data across various systems geographically distributed in or outside the operations, scene of disaster or area of interest. A user defined operational picture (UDOP) is a map display of operational information (e.g. resources, weather and support team, position and status of important operational elements (incidents, infrastructure such as bridges, roads, hospitals, etc.)

A recent evolution of COP technology is the concept of a UDOP (User Defined Operating Picture), which enables the mission user to visually and dynamically assemble their own view of information or modify an existing interface on-the-fly using a flexible, “visual composite” platform capability.

Often we believe that interoperability is about movement of data, one system to another, where instead interoperability should be about access to the right data. Everyone has a different system and always will but cloud computing and open data initiatives has made more data available online today than ever…

Please check out Eric Kant’s post here .