We’re Upgrading

Welcome to SitScape

SitScape is proud to announce our latest release, version  With a focus on improvements to agile data visualization and analytics, this newest version of SitScape promises to deliver friendlier, more intuitive ways of generating and modifying charts and graphs with a simple, drag-and-drop interface. But why read about it?  watch the short video below yourself…

Among other things, this release includes:

  • Streamlined user interface for intuitive data visualization with charts and graphs
  • Scatter Chart option to visualize numeric data in 4 dimensions
  • Secure, Virtual Web Browser that allows co-browsing for users in different locations without client software
  • Enhanced Web Scraping that can generate live structured data feeds from more complex web pages
  • Flexible geographic interface for visualizing data feeds using simple drag-and-drop

For more information on these and other features included in the release, email us at support@sitscape.com.

Enjoy the updates, and keep an eye out for more big things to come!

Your SitScape Product Team