SitScape Software Release is out today!

We are very happy to announce the SitScape Collaborative UDOP software release of today!

A few highlights of the enhancements in this release are:

  • Enhanced real-time Data Correlation across multiple disparate data sources and applications
  • Enhanced visualizations such as more powerful Scatter Plot with context view, and enhanced timeline chart
  • Enhanced connection to live data feeds such as JSON feeds, real-time update, and drag-and-drop visualization of live data feeds on Map or Earth GEO interfaces
  • Enhanced Group Chat capability, and can drag-and-drop any object/widget or UDOP page from one User to a Group to share content or applications at real-time – all in their web browsers
  • Support multiple versions of any file or document in UDOP Pages for enhanced content management and content sharing
  • Enhanced usability such as one-click for full-screen view of a chart, and support easy configuration and filtering in that full-screen mode of a chart