Today, SitScape’s product development team officially released its software version to our broad customers.

This release continue to focused on 4 major areas, the 1st one is our Digital Enterprise Enablement Platform (DEEP) technology. The 2nd one is the enhancements to the Straight-Through-Processing (STP) technology. The 3rd one is enhancements on Machine Learning. The 4th one is on User Interface and Usability enhancements.

On the DEEP technology front, here are a few highlights:

  • Support pure on-glass event passing and communication among application interface type objects, and dynamic-binding to support run-time dynamic UI change
  • Dynamic event binding can trigger UI content, style, or visibility changes based on UI events from other interface objects such as value change, mouse-over, mouse-out, button clicking etc.
  • Support conditional binding with Expression such as if-else for on-glass UI event handling

On the STP technology front, here are a few highlights:

  • Supporting sub-STPs
  • Allow visual grouping of selected nodes, group delete, and group move for a group of nodes;
  • Supporting group edit/collapse/expand/change background color
  • Right-click context menu for Group box, individual node, and for individual lines. Menu items include copy/paste/edit, etc.
  • Support STP Undo-Redo of editing history  up to 10 steps
  • Support Copy-and-Paste STP nodes on the same STP canvas or to across different browser tabs or different browsers.
  • Remember the state of Collapse/Expand of layout cells
  • Enhanced debugging messaging

On the Machine Learning (ML) front, here are the highlights:

  • Support Machine Learning Modeling, Save Models, and Prediction right inside STP, as part of any containing STP processes
  • This make Machine Learning integrated and embeded into business processes and analytics for more seamless support of business decisions

On User Interfaces of UDOP Layout and Navigation front, here are the highlights:

  • Support a  ‘Home’ page which lists user’s bundles, pages, STPs, groups, friends for quick navigation. Pages are shown with page thumbnails.
  • More Standard CSS style for configuration panels and dialogs, including login, settings, add-content, edit-page, edit-object, etc.
  • Support ‘Viewport Width’ in Desktop Layout so user can control the width of display area
  • Allow drill-down to new page from data grid
  • Support co-plot to call STP when clicked
  • Support call a STP from grid via user actions such as row select, cell select, or from clicking on charts objects
  • Support publishing events from Interface type of Objects, and can then set up event subscription on other objects on the screen such as Data Grid, Charts, or Document.

Other enhancement examples are:

  • Support Windows Kerberos authentication for MS SQL Server connection
  • Enhance using Presto to query distributed or big data sources
  • Supporting semantic web RDF data format: can ingest a RDF file or RDF query as a data source.
  • Informix: use persistent connections
  • Dual ArcGIS tile servers in a single UDOP, allow user to toggle between the two right in the map object
  • ArcGIS KML supporting non-standard coordinate syntax
  • Support auto indexing texts from audio/video (mp3, mp4) files for text-based search and playing

There are other enhancements in this new release. Please contact us for more information about this exciting new release!