SitScape Releases 3.1.9 is ready today!

Our product development and engineering team has been working hard over the last 3 months.

It is our true pleasure to announce that SitScape’s latest software release of version of 3.1.9 is available today!

Continuing our product innovation as well as enhanced quality control, release 3.1.9 is our latest release with significant improvements and useful features based on the close feedbacks of our large enterprise customers:

Some quick highlights in this release are:

  • Real-time Communication and Monitoring:
    • Enhanced support of real-time Video Feed Streaming (CCTV, IP Camera, UDP feed) visualizations
  • Visualization Enhancements :
    • Enhanced aggregation math and statistics calculations
    • Aggregation Math Calculation (change, change percent, running total, ratio etc.)
    • Scatter diagram: multiple group-bys, group-by Pie chart in Scatter Chart, support labels
    • Support Gauge chart type
    • Support Radar/Spider chart type
    • Enhanced Link Graph
    • Enhanced data blending of multiple data sources in timeline chart
  • GEO:
    • GEO-Heat Map at various aggregation level such has country, state or province levels
    • GEO Map or Earth at various aggregation level such has country, state or province
    • IP address to GEO location look-up for cyber security analysis
  • Data Connections:
    • Enhanced REST API connector
    • Support Big Data Sources such has Google Analytics and Google Big Query APIs
    • Connect to flat-file/file-URL as data feed directly
    • Message-Queue Support
    • Support real-time monitoring data sources, monitoring, correlation and visualization on-demand
  • Advanced Data Correlations:
    • Support server-based event routing
    • Cross-browser sessions event communication and correlation
    • Enhanced correlation supporting multiple criteria in one correlation setting
  • Security:
    • New Linux deployment scheme to provide added layer of isolation between SitScape server components and the host operating system.
    • Enhanced SitScape REST API security

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