November 15, 2012 – Vienna, VA, SitScape, Inc. – the global leader in Collaborative User-Defined-Operating-Picture (UDOP) software, for shared situational awareness and visual dynamic collaboration – today announced that it has received Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) Award from the U.S. Air Force. The award was granted September 2012.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY2011, Section 1073, provided the Department of Defense (DoD) with the authority and funds to facilitate the rapid insertion of innovative technologies into military systems or programs meeting critical national security needs.

Regarding the award: the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has established a policy for implementing RIF technologies. The Air Force RIF is managed through the Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science, Technology, and Engineering (SAF/AQR).

The winning technology initiatives are to resolve operational challenges characterized by the following four critical national security areas of particular interest to the Air Force or Joint Urgent Operational Needs (JUONs) with an Air Force application:

1) Rapid Fielding to Support Overseas Contingency Operations
2) Cyberspace Superiority and Mission Assurance
3) Improved System Sustainment
4) Power Generation and Energy for Platforms

SitScape’s collaboration and situational awareness software was determined to be an innovative technology that meets Air Force RIF requirements.

“We are excited and honored to receive this prestigious award from the U.S. Air Force,” said Kevin Yin, CEO of SitScape. “The Air Force’s selection and use of SitScape’s innovative technology and capabilities will further enhance our efforts to support the Department of Defense and its national security missions.”

By leveraging SitScape’s award-winning software, Air Force mission users, operators, and analysts will gain greater utility and integration over their current disparate information sources and siloed applications. By simply using a Web browser, and with no programming needed, they can contextually visualize, communicate, share, and collaborate in real-time across globally distributed users and organizations. This can be done via a PC or mobile device for rapid situational awareness, enhanced shared situational understanding, and actionable operational intelligence.

About SitScape
SitScape is the global leader in Collaborative User-Defined-Operating-Picture (UDOP) Situational Awareness software solutions. SitScape is ideally suited for Cyber Security Watch, Command & Control Centers, Operations Centers, Data Centers, Situation Rooms, Traffic Monitoring, Emergency Response Teams, Intelligence Analysts, and C4ISR applications. SitScape has large customers with varied applications in both the Federal and Commercial spaces.
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