The 2017 Defense & National Security Innovation Summit joins key military, government, and industry decision-makers at the nation’s leading conference and expo on the best innovation solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense and our national security agencies. It is hosted at Norfolk Waterside Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, during Sept. 12-13.

This Summit features:

  • A Defense Innovation Conference with presentations on the innovation priorities of the Pentagon; Navy, Air Force, Army, and U.S. Marine Corps; and national intelligence and security agencies.
  • Opportunities to provide innovation solutions for Cybersecurity, C4ISR, Information Warfare, Weapons, Technology, Energy, Power Management, Space, Military Installations, Defense Medicine & Health, Artificial Intelligence and Next Generation Computing Architectures, Drones and other Unmanned and Remotely Piloted Vehicles, Warfighter & Soldier-Sensing Technologies, and Innovation in Acquisition.
  • Matchmaking sessions with supporting agencies and with prime contractors.
  • A Defense Innovation Expo featuring product demonstrations and the latest defense innovations from industry.
  • New financing for defense innovation research and development.
  • Networking opportunities to meet key military, government, and industry decision-makers.

SitScape team attended this summit,  and SitScape’s CEO Kevin Yin spoke on stage to the general audience on innovative technologies, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) topics.