Today, SitScape’s product development team officially released its software version 3.1.10 to its broad customers.

This release mainly focused on 2 major areas, one is our new Digital Enterprise Enablement Platform (DEEP) technology. The other one is enhancement to the Straight-Through-Processing (STP) technology, plus some machine learning enhancements.

On the DEEP technology front, here are a few highlights:

  • DEEP enables Rapid Digital Enterprise Application Assembling without programming
  • DEEP supports drag-and-drop to assemble graphical application user interface using Interface (IF) Objects on the front-end
  • DEEP uses STP as the visual backend application logic processing, data logic and integration layer to achieve very rapid visual application assembling without programming in both front-end and back-end
  • DEEP supports dynamic UI Interface content via Dynamic Binding of navigation data and back-end data – Support custom event handling for UI interface triggering back-end logic or page navigation

On the STP technology front, here are a few highlights:

  • Added the capability to auto-detect metadata change from upstream and do auto-synchronization downstream across Nodes in a STP, this drastically reduces re-configuration time needed by a STP user
  • Supporting integration of DEEP with Receiver and Output Nodes
  • Support Email ingestion (IMAP, POP3) as well as custom email output in STP flow – Attachments in ingested emails are indexed for fast search
  • Support turning any STP into a RESTful URL as API for ease of 3rd -party process integration
  • Systematically enabled dynamic binding or local and global parameters for generating dynamic STP process flows
  • DevOps support: Allow STP process migration from one server to another server (STP export and import)
  • ETL: – Support multi-step expressions – Support using any system functions in PHP to be used in expression. – Support extracting name-value pair from a JSON column
  • Add flexible options for turning on/off data preview, status update, and debug console during STP design.
  • Support ‘long text’ field type in STP
  • Support in-memory global data grid object

On the Machine Learning (ML) front, here are the highlights:

  • Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning with the easy support and integration of cloud based Machine Learning services such as Microsoft Azure ML, and IBM Watson Tone inside STP

There are tons of other enhancements in this new release, and our beta customers shared a lot feedbacks, and were very excited about those enhancements. Please contact us for more information about this exciting new release!