On January 14, 2019, SitScape sponsored the T2A (Targeting, Technology & Analysis) Engagement Event at AFWERX Las Vegas.

This event was organized by the AF 363 Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing, in partnership with AFWERX Vegas. As the Air Force’s premier targeting and intelligence analysis Wing, the 363 ISRW remains dynamically adaptive in seeking out and implementing the latest in technological hardware, software and expertise in order to synthesize and leverage data for the warfighter.

This is the link to the event web site: http://www.myetouches.com/T2ASocial2019

3773 Howard Hughes Pkwy
Suite 400-South – 4th Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89169

This is one AFWERX Vegas video

SitScape is a sponsor of this technology innovation event.




Then during January 15 and 16, 2019, SitScape showcased its innovative software to many airman at Nellis AFB, inside a real battle-space tent to simulate the environment.