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Smarter Digital Operations Centers are creating a worldwide buzz because organizations now have the ability to gain new insights from larger and more varied data sources.  Business process re-engineering (BPR) can be re-imagined with the addition of unstructured and semi-structured data to your analytics.  Customer relationships can be improved and expanded and what was once thought impossible can now be within your reach.  With better and more powerful Big Data Analytic tools, every member of your team can become a Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) or a Deputy Chief Data Officer (CDO).  Better tools make your organization more nimble, more agile, and more valuable to your customers and your stakeholders.


The Digital Operations Center of the Future will monitor worldwide activities cloud has revolutionized the way organizations look at big data analytics.  Now, even small organizations can store large volumes of rapidly changing data and use the power of the cloud to process and mine that data for additional insights.  SitScape works seamlessly with cloud data systems, on premise storage, or a hybrid system using data from the cloud and local storage.  Increased volumes of current and historical data enable Predictive Analytics.


  • Delivers an analytic platform for agile, user-defined analytics that brings the value of Big Data to every member of your team regardless of the location, format, or structure of the data.
  • Harnesses data in any location (internal and external) to empower your team to maximize the art of the possible.
  • Accesses, integrates, and cleanses Hadoop, NoSQL, MySQL, Oracle, IBM, Impala, Teradata, Ingress, Spark, Big Data Lakes, and Amazon Redshift data sources.
  • Utilizes Straight-Through-Processing (STP) to fully automate the scheduling, reporting, ingesting, ETL, and manipulation of data.  All with no coding.

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