Award-winning Digital Enterprise Enablement Platform (DEEP)

Create new enterprise application or modernize legacy enterprise systems with the no-code Straight-Through-Processing advantage.

Rapid Enterprise Digital Modernization and Application Creation

Create smart modern Enteprise Applications with complex business rules and sophisticated data logic with simple drag-and-drop.

Collaborate Dynamically in Real-Time With Shared COP and UDOP

Support Real-time chat, drag-and-drop to share anything live across users; co-editing or co-working on shared charts, analytics, documents, maps, images etc. together at real-time; annotate on shared operating pictures; desktop screen sharing; video conferencing, voice-Over-IP etc.

Community of Interest for Distributed Knowledge Sharing

Using the collaboration and information  sharing features of the product to create digital war rooms for distributed teams’s information sharing,  situational understanding, joint briefings and rapid data-drive decision making

Beautiful Dashboard and Common Operating Pictures

Share Visualization, Intelligence and Rich Content easily with strong security using interactive dashboard and knowledge board; create dashboard or visual monitoring console from historical data as well as we from live feeds and streaming data.

Gain insight with Agile Analytics and Data Discovery

Create visualizations and KPIs with simple drag-and-drop; link data sets and visualizations together automatically; slice-and-dice data; perform unlimited drill-down and drill-through at-ease; fuse disparate data sets (live and historical) together; blend visualizations on-the-fly; conduct visual and interactive data discovery at the speed of thought.

Link Data and Discover Relationship with Agile Data Correlation

Easy-to-use and powerful data correlation powered by SitScape’s patented Data Fabric engine enable visual data correlation of disparate data sources as well as live applications, be it live or historical, on-the-fly with zero programming.

Automate Data Processing Business Workflow Logic Visually

SitScape’s Straight-Through-Processing (STP) visual environment enables non-programmers to use drag-and-drop to create automated data processing flows such as ETLs, data integrations, data fusion, scheduling, alerts, analytics and machine learning; can also assemble agile business application logic and workflows easily without coding. The STP is also the backend engine of SitScape’s overall DEEP software platform when combined with our drag-and-drop UDOP visual front-end and graphical user interface designer.

Predictive Analytics and AI/Machine Learning

Create and train Machine Learning Models in the visual STP’s environment with simple drag-and-drop, run simulations and learn from the data, conduct predictive analytics with new data and trained models, fine tune the models, and embed machine learning and predictive analytics right into your business process for amazing automation and optimization.


Optimize Digital Operations at Real-time with Advanced Analytics

Create Instant and Interactive Data Visualizations in seconds with just a Web browser and Zero Programming. With drag-and-drop and a few mouse clicks, business users can create powerful interactive visualizations from disparate data sources, discover pattern visually, and talk to their data intuitively.

Key Features

Collaboration and Digital War Rooms

Think “Google-Docs on Steroids for any content/visualization”

Data Discovery and Predictive Analytics

For business users to gain insights at the speed of thought

Embeded and Automated Machine Learning

Data, Web sites, applications, video, images, documents etc.

Assemble Enterprise Apps with no-coding

For Business-users without any IT support

Real-time Monitoring & Alert

Measure KPI and send smart alert based on business rules

Visual Data Correlation and Business Process and Workflow Automation

Correlate data from disparate sources and applications

Strong Security

Military-grade secure information sharing

100% Browser-based

No desktop download needed


Simply drag-and-drop